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Why are the Cleveland Cavaliers considering trading Collin Sexton?



Article Summary:

Why would the Cavs trade Sexton? Coming off of his third season, Sexton averaged 24.3 points on an effective field goal percentage of 51.9% along with a career-best 4.4 assists.

So why exactly is Cleveland looking to trade their 22-year-old rising star? Well, money talks but cash screams and right now the metaphorical checkbook of the organization is straining its vocal cords to stop the team from paying Sexton. Sure, there is some value to what Sexton has accomplished on the floor but has it led to any winning basketball? Considering Sexton is 60-159 overall in his time with Cleveland you get a clearer idea that maybe his brand of basketball doesn’t raise the ceiling of a team. Opposing teams are probably well aware of Sexton’s limitations just like the Cavaliers and in turn, will be able to send underwhelming trade packages for the young guard.

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