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Three Things to Know: Picking the 2022 All-Star Game reserves (and snubs)

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Article Summary:

1) Picking the 2022 All-Star Game reserves

It is one of the great annual fights around the NBA. The league keeps the All-Star Game rosters intentionally small – 12 players, down from the 15 that can dress for a regular NBA game – which means when the coaches select the All-Star Game reserves deserving players get snubbed.

Here are my picks from the reserves, which by league rules must be three frontcourt players, two guards, and two wildcards:


G: Chris Paul
G: Donovan Mitchell
FC: Rudy Gobert
FC: Karl-Anthony Towns
FC: Draymond Green
WC: Luka Doncic
WC: Devin Booker

Green deserves to make the team – as a media member I voted him a starter – but it will be a surprise if he plays due to his ongoing back/calf issues. Patty Mills is playing well but his role changes depending on where the game is played.

The WNBA needs to grow revenue to get player salaries up to where players don’t have to have two jobs – most WNBA players head to Europe to play for another team after the WNBA season ends, because the pay is better over there.

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