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The Suns are so much fun, plus MLB’s foreign substance checks are already creating drama

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I’m rooting for the Suns.

Now to the newsletter, where we will discuss the NBA Draft Lottery results, last night’s playoff game and much more. Wallace represented Detroit at the 2021 NBA draft lottery last night and the Pistons were awarded the first overall pick. From there, the 11 teams left in the lottery would have decreasing odds until the last one had 0.5%.

The Pistons will likely use the pick on Oklahoma State’s Cade Cunningham, who is widely seen as the top prospect.

This drama last night occurred between Philadelphia Phillies manager Joe Girardi and Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer The umpiring crew checked Scherzer’s hat and glove twice in the first three frames clearly not thinking that was enough, Girardi asked the umpires to check for foreign substances again.

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