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The Cleveland Cavaliers’ offensive issues start where they take most of their shots



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The Cavs, do, though is take a lot of shots at the rim and just outside of it. Only the Pacers are taking a higher percentage of shots at the rim, per Cleaning The Glass. The Pacers are 11th, the Pelicans are 12th and the Rockets are 22nd.

2020-21 finishing numbers Team Offensive ranking % at the rim Shot % at the rim Team Offensive ranking % at the rim Shot % at the rim Cavaliers 29th 56.4% 41.1% Wolves 30th 56.8% 37.7% Pelicans 12th 61.5% 39.3% Pacers 11th 61.2% 43.3% Rockets 22nd 64.5% 39% Data per Cleaning The Glass

In short: The Cavs have picked a strategy that doesn’t give the team a high offensive ceiling. Notably, the teams that are succeeding by taking a ton of shots at the rim have elite finishers – Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner in Indiana, Christian Wood in Houston – or, in the Pelicans’ case, a collection of good enough finisher with Zion Williamson having a massive upside.

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