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Molly Bernard On Paramount+’s ‘Younger’: ‘I Auditioned For A Six Line Guest Star And It Became A 7 Year Family’

CBS Local


Article Summary:

The show has been a life-changer for actor Molly Bernard and she will be sad to see it go after the seventh season wraps up in early June.

CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith talked with Bernard about playing Lauren Heller, working with Hilary Duff and her new movie “Milkwater.”

“I had just graduated from the Yale School of Drama and I was basically still a student,” said Bernard. While their characters spend a ton of time together on the show, Bernard and Duff have actually struck up a really great relationship away from the set as well.

“We have become each other’s best friends in a lot of ways,” said Bernard.

“The highlight of Milkwater for me was that it was an impossible project and that’s why I was drawn to it,” said Bernard.

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