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Deja McClendon On Athletes Unlimited Volleyball: ‘We Really Want To See This Grow’

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“We have the ability to choose how we want to play and who we want on our teams. It’s been a really cool environment to start something new. This idea of us not having coaches and instead having facilitators is completely new. Then there is the scoring system with individual stats based on stats and that changes the whole level of the game.”

McClendon will be playing on Team Sybeldon, which is led by captain Lianna Sybeldon.

“A lot of the girls who have been playing internationally never really dreamed that we could play pro here,” said McClendon. “It’s surreal to us and it’s also amazing that we’re going to be playing in front of our families, even though it is going to be virtually.”

One of the other great things about Athletes Unlimited Volleyball is that each player has picked a cause that she will spotlight and raise awareness for during the season. “We have softball, volleyball and lacrosse and a lot of these sports are predominately white and they found a way to really incorporate us as players and have really put our voices out there. I’m really thankful to them for doing that. This is part of the reason why I play and continue to play. Volleyball hasn’t brought me just this career. It’s allowed me to go all over the world and create a confidence in myself and create value in myself. Can we grow the sport and can we continue this. We really want to see this grow.”


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