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2022 NBA trade deadline: Five biggest questions, including interest in Ben Simmons and next possible fire sale

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Trading for Simmons is not like trading for, say, Jae Crowder, because his presence will immediately change the way you approach building your roster. Aaron Gordon had been a trade candidate for several straight seasons and it wasn’t the first time that Nikola Vucevic or Evan Fournier were viewed as trade candidates, either. Players can’t always force their way to their preferred destination, and there’s risk in trading for a player who leaves almost immediately, but these moves are almost never made unless the front office is confident it will be able to keep the guy. What can Dallas get it if trades one or both of them now? How concerned is it about the contracts they might command in July?

If you’re trying to get one of those guys unless you’re Detroit or San Antonio, you probably have to trade for him.

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